Terms of Use for Fan Art

"陸!海!空! (Riku! Kai! Kuu!)" is allowed fan art now.
Please read and agree with following terms of use.
If you would like to make fan art such as illustration, comis, novel, cosplay and so on, you need to read following Terms of Use..

The last updated: July 16th, 2016 

Violated art works, which has been already posted before Terms of Use is added or updated, is not violation and you do not need to delete your art works.
However, it is not allowed to reupload the art works the last Terms of Use.


* Claiming the author of "陸!海!空!" falsely.
* Using works for commercial purposes.
* Making ecvessively grotesque works.
* Behavior of denigration and criticism toward "陸!海!空!" Model or its view of the world by intent.
* Selling "陸!海!空!"'s goods or distributing through the Internet.
* Nuisance behavior to Shachi such as mental abuse or interference Shachi's work.


*MMD (videos/ images)
*Pcture/ comic/ novel
*Fan-fiction such as school parody or office worker parody
*Collaboration between "陸!海!空!" and other anime.
*Using "陸!海!空!" chalacters for works in romantic relationships.
→Following coupling art works is not allowed (romantic relationships):
-Imperial Japanese Navy Captain-Type 2(JMSDF-Summer uniform version)[大佐/1佐] and Imperial Japanese Navy Captain-Type 1[海]
-JMSDF Captain [海自] and Imperial Japanese Navy Captain-Type 1[海]
It is because an entrenched inferior-to-superior relationship in Navy and mixing other genre becomes issue.
*Making art works for adult only.
*Dream Novel
*Gender Swapped (MMD is not allowed)
*Art works which is based on actual historical fact.
→Please be careful not to use uniform which is acctually used now.

Request to Person who is Interested in "陸!海!空!" Fan Art

I have not expressed a world view of "陸!海!空!" yet, and there are many unclear points.
However, I hope you respect setting which I have already described.
(Especially, their characteristic, their relationships, and so on)
You can make up for unclear points which I have not expressed.

You can make fan art in many ways which I explain above.
However, I would be confused if my original character setting is ignored and false perception is spread.

About my TWITTER

Please follow me(@JPN_orca) if you woulld like to make fan art of "陸!海!空!," and you have Twitter account (protected Tweet as well).
When I send follower request from @JP_orca, please approve me.
I would like you to get the right information about "陸!海!空!".
Also, "陸!海!空!" is my original work, so if you get bothered by seeing your fan art by Shachi, or you would like to keep hiding your fan art, it might be possible that I judge you would commit an offense against Terms of Use.

Unfortunately, if you could not accept above points, you could not understand Shachi's statement and creative activity, or showing a critical attitude to Shachi, I forbit you to use my MMD models and any creative activity with using a world view of "陸!海!空!."

I make a world view of "陸!海!空!" and every single model with feeling.
I would like to keep making models in the future, so I appreciate your understanding in this matter.

*These rules are subject to change without notice.

Please Note:
It may be the Term of Use violation even if matters are not listed, when I judge my model is used inappropriately.

If I find violation, it may happen to ask you the following:

-Deleting your works
-Prohibiting the use Shachi's models

(I do not think it happens a lot, but I note it to prepare for any contingency.)

Thank you for reading.
I am happy to hear what you make works.
I hope you will have a great time with "陸!海!空!".
If you have any questions and any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact with me.